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The second version of the forum RPG Neverending Struggle. Once, all universes touched. From that touch the Omegaverse was born and soon, doubles of people from those universes appeared. Now, they're fighting for control of the new world...
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 A rather weird occurrence

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PostSubject: A rather weird occurrence   Sun Jan 30, 2011 6:45 pm

Sanji sighed as he slid to the ground. He was sitting against the front wall of the base. It was scorching. A bottle of water, that someone had left near the door the other day, was entirely empty. Sanji could swear it was full in the morning. Suddenly, an explosion was heard. Sanji got up and looked around. A cloud of smoke raised from north. He started to run. Worst case scenario, one of the Lions had a nasty encounter with a land-mine. Sanji clenched his teeth and hoped that was not the case. They had already lost a fair amount of members to the harsh conditions of the desert. If an enemy faction was planting bombs...He shuddered. This had to be investigated throughly.
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A rather weird occurrence
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