Neverending Struggle V2

The second version of the forum RPG Neverending Struggle. Once, all universes touched. From that touch the Omegaverse was born and soon, doubles of people from those universes appeared. Now, they're fighting for control of the new world...
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PostSubject: Applications   Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:19 pm

Apply here. Just post a reply with the following form:

Name: Character's Name. Same as Canon (First name * Nickname * Last Name) Feel free to omit names if the character you're applying for doesn't have it. That is,is there is no known surname or first name,or your character doesn't have a nickname, don't say anything.

Age: Same as Canon is preferred

Appearance: Same as Canon is preferred. Feel free to change the clothes they wear,though,for sake of believability. Picture reference is also good.

Combat Skills: How they fight. Same as canon, unless the abilities have awkward rules, or the character has no combat skills at all. Change what you think is necessary.

Other Skills: Same as canon is preferred.

From: Specify from which book/comic/anime/manga/videogame/tv show/movie/mythology/etc your character is from.

Faction: Choose on which faction of the war your character is on. Scroll bellow for faction list.

History: This is Omega history, not canon. Create a short story for your character. This time, these characters are doubles, not the actual characters so they do have a history in this place. May be inspired by canon

Originally from: Where is this character from?

Remember to read the guidebook first.

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PostSubject: Accepted   Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:07 am

Name: Saria

Age: unkown (appears to be 8-10) like other kokiri she doesn't age.

Appearance: (I dont know if you except hand drawn images but I have one ready to go) Saria is short, skinny with green hair that comes down to her neck and then curls under her ears to two points on either side of her head. She's waring a dark green turtle neck sweater under a light green vest, ight green shorts held up by a simple belt and dark green boots. As well as crude armor consisting of two shin guards made of bark and sticks held together by tree sap and weaved straw, as well as a large piece of bark atatched to her left bicep and a single large leaf for a hat.

Combat skills: Saria had a crash couse in the know-it-all brothers school of sword fighting, teaching her simple attacks and tatics.

Other skills: Knows how to play an ocarina

Faction: Neutral

History: Saria like other Kokiri never left the forest and remained blissfuly unawear of the changes in the world.The Deku Tree Sprout however heard rumors of the changes, and seeking knowledge to protect its forest and "children" decided that some one needed to go out into the world. Names were drawn and Saria was selected to be the one to leave and after a uick lesson in sword fighting was sent out into the new world.

this is my first rp so I hope this fits if it dosent I'll do my best to fix any problems just tell me any pointers would be great too

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