Neverending Struggle V2

The second version of the forum RPG Neverending Struggle. Once, all universes touched. From that touch the Omegaverse was born and soon, doubles of people from those universes appeared. Now, they're fighting for control of the new world...
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 Guidebook 2-1.0

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Neverending Struggle V2

Guide Version: 2-1.0

In the beginning there was humanity. Humanity created fiction. Fiction created several universes, indepent, living on their own rules. But one day, those universes touched. That created the Omegaverse. Soon, doubles of people from each universe appeared in the new world. But now, they're fighting for control....

Neverending Struggle is a Massive Crossover Forum Based Roleplaying Game. It is the second, improved version of the original game, that died down.

2-General Rules
3-Game Rules

1- Setting

The Omegaverse. The place where characters from fiction converged. Six factions appeared. And those faction are fighting to rule the world.

2-General Rules

These rules are to be followed all around the forums,including the off-game areas.

You can use lighter words like damn or ass but heavier words are either to be self-censured or not used at all. Basically, anything you can’t say on TV at prime time has to be censured (like f*** or s---).
Use of uncensored heavy words even after being warned by an admin or moderator may lead to banning.

-Writing Ability
Okay, this forum requires regular writing ability. This means:
-Good grammar and spelling
Everyone hates the guy that just comes into a good session and starts “lol,fredirick apered n kikid the gais ass,who wuz liek OMG. he totaly PWND, that n00bs ass!”
I’d explain what’s wrong with that sentence but it’s just too many things. Easy rule: Write it like you would on a school essay. An essay where you needed a good grade or you’d be screwed. Start using l33t, lack of capitals and too many misspellings and your ass gets banned. If you’re that bad at spelling, use a word processor with spell-check and then copy + paste. A little time can make everyone’s gaming experience better.
If I see anyone use things like *John opens the door* they’re getting warned/banned no matter how good the grammar/spelling is. A good RPG is written like a book. Don’t like books? Then why the hell are you writing? All posts must be written in the simple past (He went/ She dodged/ they screamed).

-Sexual Themes
Explicit Sexual themes must be kept out of the rpg. Yes, even on the brothel. No restrictions on PMs. Warning: If you give another user “undesired attention” you WILL be banned.
Warning2: I'm very serious about this. Our host doesn't allow sexual content and the site might get deleted.

-OOC Rules
When you’re speaking out of character or chatting with other players there are rules too.
While your characters may be as rude as you want you have to be polite with other players when OOC. 

NPC Rules-
NPCs can be played by anyone. They're characters like bartenders and such, that don't have much importance. An NPC may be used to advance the plot, but if you use an NPC for more important things you may have your post deleted. EX: Say you're the leader of a faction, that plans to invade another faction. The correct way to use an NPC would be to post something like " The bartender turned around. He gently raised an eyebrow at the group. "You guys want to invade that place? Well, I know of a secret entrance, but I can't guarantee they won't find you." . See, that's how a person of little importance would know stuff. They aren't certain. As far as you know, it might not be that secret, or, there may be a spy in the bar. The wrong way would be " The unknown character smiled "I know of a secret button that can blow up the base, because I used to belong to that faction.". See? If you can decimate your enemies like that, the game would be super easy. Super easy games are not fun, right?

Admin NPCs-
Admins can create NPCs that are like recurring characters. They have names, and maybe some special abilities. Only admins may use those NPCs, and maybe mods with permission from the admins.

3-Game Rules
1-Applying for a character.
Before you start playing, you need to apply for a character. Notice I said apply,not create. It's a massive crossover RPG, which means you have to roleplay as a character from fiction.

To apply for a character, fill out this form and post it at the Applications page-
Name: Character's Name. Same as Canon (First name * Nickname * Last Name) Feel free to omit names if the character you're applying for doesn't have it. That is,is there is no known surname or first name,or your character doesn't have a nickname, don't say anything.

Age: Same as Canon is preferred

Appearance: Same as Canon is preferred. Feel free to change the clothes they wear,though,for sake of believability. Picture reference is also good.

Combat Skills: How they fight. Same as canon, unless the abilities have awkward rules, or the character has no combat skills at all. Change what you think is necessary.

Other Skills: Same as canon is preferred.

From: Specify from which book/comic/anime/manga/videogame/tv show/movie/mythology/etc your character is from.

Faction: Choose on which faction of the war your character is on. Scroll bellow for faction list.

History: This is Omega history, not canon. Create a short story for your character. This time, these characters are doubles, not the actual characters so they do have a history in this place. May be inspired by canon

Note: When playing,try to keep the character you're playing as, IN CHARACTER. Think of it as writing fanfiction. Change as little as you can. If your character believes, in canon, on something that is similar to the beliefs of a faction, then put the character in that faction. Unless, you want to do a storyline out of his internal struggle from being in the wrong faction or something.

Note 2: Try to keep everything and anything you can in canon

Note 3: Original characters can only be made with express authorization from the admins.

Semi-Original characters- Semi-Original character are characters that are under the rules and limits of a certain fictional work, but aren't actually a character from that fictional work. Let's say, Harry Potter. You can create a character who is a wizard under the rules of the world of Harry Potter, but isn't a character in the books.

Related Characters- Sometimes characters can't appear without other characters, like a Digimon Tamer or a Dragon Rider or something like that. In that case, you have the authorization to roleplay as the two characters without having the count the second, related one.

2- Number of Characters and Character death

Any player may only have 3 alive,active characters.

Dead Characters- A character is considered dead when the player or an admin says he's dead. Nobody else can say this. Characters may be revived in someway. Ask the admins.

Inactive Character- If you want to stop playing a character,but don't want to kill it, ask the admins to deactivate it. This will make the character free to play to other players.

Taking an Inactive Character- If you want to play a character that was played by somebody else before, but is now Inactive, you have to read the Character History. The Character History is a text written by the admin telling the adventures of the character In-RPG. Then,you'll have to somewhat follow what happened before. Just consider the character's history IRPG part of canon.

3- Factions

There are 6 “Proper” factions. A faction is a military-like group. These factions are trying to take over the multiverse so they can set their own rules. No particular faction can be said to be right or wrong. There are also 3 non-faction designations.

-Red Eagles

The Red Eagles are the traditional heroic faction. They follow the rules, they fight for justice and truth. Anyone who breaks the law is their enemy. They value order and moral integrity. Their allies are the Golden Bears.

-Golden Bears

The Golden Bears are the supportive faction. They only want to help people and make the world a better place. They value the preservation of nature and taking things the easy way. Their allies are the Red Eagles

-Green Dragons

The Green Dragons are the money-oriented faction. Money makes the world go round and is their most powerful weapon. They want to create a world in which money makes everything and people who work hard earn the money they deserve. Their allies are the Blue Foxes.

-Blue Foxes

-The Blue Foxes are the knowledge faction. They're gathering information, following the old saying "knowledge means power." Viewing themselves as the intelectual elite of the multiverse, their goal is to propagate wisdom to their soon-to-be followers. Their allies are the Green Dragons.

-Black Lions

The Black Lions are the rebel faction. They view the current laws governing the Multivers as corrupt and limiting, that's why they want to throw them away and create new ones, based on what is morally right and wrong. They want to treat everyone equally and they consider personal freedom as the most important value. Their allies are the White Wolves.

-White Wolves

The White Wolves are the peace-loving faction. Tired and revolted of the constant fighting, they united to do the impossible and end the Eternal War. Though they despise violence, they're ready to defend themselves, their allies, the weak and their ideals. Their allies are the Black Lions.


Neutrals are people who choose not to participate actively in the war. They may fight if they need to or they may help some factions,but they won't actually join any particular faction.


A chaotic bunch, they despise anyone who tries to order them around. Whether they're loners, recognize the rights or wrongs of each faction or believe that their own strength is beyond that of most Multiverse citizens, they walk through the Multiverse with their own goal in mind. Some used to belong to a faction.

Often confused with rouges, they're the most destructive society. Little is known about them, but with their every move, other factions suffer tremendous losses. The War is their element and they use it to decimate the forces of the Multiverse, whether for their perverse amusement or to become Supreme Rulers.

Own Faction:
Sometimes people may create their own faction...
RULES: Creating your own faction is SERIOUS business.
-You need to have at least 3 people who will follow into this faction.
-You need admin permission.
-You need a color and an animal( Don't worry though, you can reuse colors and animal, like Black Eagle or something.Originality can get you a long way though.)
-You need a goal.
-You need a place for a base, that isn't in the same area as another base.

-No Faction
Some people simply haven't decided.

You can change faction whenever you want, as long as it's in a roleplay (Meaning you can't just say “I want to change”, you actually have to roleplay your charatcer leaving.). Just don't over do it.


Nothing as of now.

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Guidebook 2-1.0
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